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My name is Oscar Silén and I’m candidating  for the position as third curator for the year 2020. I´m 25 years old and I was born and raised in Espoo in Finland. My family consists of two younger brothers and my parents. I´ve lived my whole life in Espoo and sports in every form are close to my heart, I´ve played footboll for 10 years, handball for 7 years and I have been a competetive sailor for over 15 years. Before I came to Uppsala I studied geography at the university of Helsinki for a year, I also did my mandatory military service as a undersergeant for one year. I came to Uppsala in the fall of 2017 and began my studies in material engineering. I didn't become active in any student related activities before my second semester here in Uppsala when I was a clubworker for my engineering program, this meant helping the clubmasters to organize events. The way I came to Gotlands nation is an entertaining story, and I´ll try to express myself briefly. It was the 15th of October and I was studying for an exam at campus Blåsenhus while simultaneously trying to figure out how to find cheap housing in Uppsala.  I messeged my dear friend which also happened to be the kitchenmaster of Gotlands by that time and asked if he had any suggestions for housing, he said to me to come down to the nation which I did. The same day I became a clubworker, signed my contract for housing and attended my first kmk-sexa. Talk about a nice icebreaker.

As I mentioned, I have been at the nation for only a little bit more than a year but in that time I´ve done a lot. I have been a clubworker for two semesters and at the moment I am the head of rentals. The thing I like the most about the nation is the amazing atmosphere and that you always feel welcomed, you´re a part of a big family.

Thank you so much for reading this short presentation of me, and it would be a great honor to earn your trust for the upcoming year.


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