Functionary positions

As an functionary, you are elected by the Landskap, the nation's democratic institutions.

There are functionaries in charge of the nations activities.
At the beginning of each semester implemented a functionaries weekend where it is discussed how the nation works and how it could be developed. In addition to that, it is usually a festive event.  
Here is a description of the nations functionaries. It's there any functions that interest you contact election committee at


The curators consists of three the three curators - regular students who have taken two semesters of study break to devote all his time and energy for the nation. They are elected by the nation's members and full-time remunerated, which correspond to what a student receives from grants and loans.

First curator

First curator has overall responsibility for the nation's business and is the nation's public face.
It's 1Q responsible for all information coming out to all members. 1Q has also been in touch with the authorities, the other nations and nation honorary members.

Second curator

Second curators is the financial and property manager. It's 2Q who pay your wages when you have worked in the pub or on the certificate. 2Q is also responsible for the nation's housing.

Third curator

Third curator is responsible for the nation's pubs and party activities. It's 3Q, which ensures that our pub and fika can be open. You can contact us if you want to get involved and try on a shift on the fika, in the pub or on a rental.


The inspector has overall responsibility for the nation and for its contact with the University. The inspector shall be an employee of the University, who are elected at five years. The inspector sits among other things, with the nation Board, is active in the scholarship committee and making speeches in every nation gasques.

Nation Chaplain

Nations Chaplain is a person you can talk to if you have problems that you need to talk to somebody with. He is professional and can give good advice. All are welcome to the nation chaplain, regardless of belief.


Treasurers are two in number and have the ultimate responsibility for the nation's economy. They are often active at work on similar tasks.


Auditors are two in number and also alternates. They are often engaged in similar work professionally and has the task to control the nation's accounts.


As clubworker you are of six people in the club work. Club workers are those who work in the pub and the kitchen and make sure that we can have the pub open. They are also working on all the nation gasques to cook, serve and stand at the bar. As clubworker have to go to different parties organized just for the club and fikahost. You go down and greet Halland Nation in Lund and perhaps the best part is that you get a "KK-card" for the semester after . With a KK-card you enter free of all nations event , you dont need to queue and you get to bring a friend with you. You also get priority access to housing in nation building.

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Weekend fika host

Weekend fika hosts are five in number. They are responsible for our very popular weekend coffee. It prepares sandwiches, sandwich cakes and bakes cakes so it is lovely to. As fikahost have to go to different parties organized just for the club and fikahost.  You also get a " KK-card" the same semster as one is fikahost . With a KK-card you enter free of all nations event, you dont need to queue  and you get to bring a friend with you.

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Study fika host

As an study fika host is responsible to the nations study fika which takes place Monday-Thursday between 10 and 16. There is a good functionary position in the sense that one often can study at the same time, It is essentially about to charge and arrange coffee. As an study fika host you can to go on the nation's staff party and you get a medal .

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Responsible for orderliness prevails in the national archives. Ensures that material to be filed will be filed as appropriate. As archivist is also vice chairman of the Library Board. Archivist representing the nation in the Archivist Convention.


The librarian is responsible for the nation's libraries and is chairman of the Library Board. Together with the committee sees the librarian to keep the library open, loan and purchase new books. The library is open on Thursdays 17-19 or by appointment. The librarian represent the nation in the librarian convention.

Flag bearer

The nation has two flag bearers. They are elected for two semesters at a time and overlap each other. They carry the nation's flag at the nation's and the university's special occasions, such as doctoral degrees, Professor installations and state visits. Flag bearers also represent the nation in fanbärarkonventet. Work Attire is formal, incl. graduation cap (so-called academic ceremonial dress). At doctoral degress and professor installations you get a ball at the castle


Marshal is with the university's ceremonial occasions, such as doctoral degrees, Professor installations and state visits. You are at your service when guests have questions and assist in the execution ceremony. As marshal, you are the nation's representative in the Convention of Marshals. Work Attire is formal, incl. graduation cap. At doctoral degress and professor installations you get a ball at the castle

Nation Marshal

As a nation marshal working man toastmaster of any nation gasques. Together with the first curator establishes in advance the sequence of events is and place cards for the party. Since writing the nation marshal placement cards. Nation Marshal along with the head waiter makes sure everything runs smoothly gasquerna. Work Attire is formal, incl. graduation cap.

Rental Responsible

The rental responsibles are five in total. They are elected for one semester at a time. Along with the Third curator responsible for the key rental business, where the nation's premises and personnel are leased to various celebrations of academic kind.

Alcohol responsible

Should be well versed in the Law on alcohol. It educates and helps kuratelet with questions on alcohol and alcoholic Act.

Environmental Responsible

Is responsible for the good work must prevail. Ensures that the business complies with the guidelines set by the environment and health.


Examiner are two in number. Together they read and review the operations-stories that functionaries write after completing term of office. You submit a certified annual report, you get respect and allowed to go free on a landscape dinner.

International Secretary

Together with the other Nations International Secretary organized the international welcome week. During the semester organizes also activities for the international students and provides support during their stay. As international secretary represents one nation in the international convention.


The chronicler writes columns for the nation paper Lambskallet.Each year, he also ABC chronicle there all year summarized. As columnist is expected to attend all major events such as gasques and landscapes, and retelling this, chronicles for posterity.


The editors are two in number and are responsible for Nation magazine Lambskallet comes out. They are elected for two semesters at a time, but overlap. The editors write lyrics, manages the editing and layout of the magazine. To assist editors of PR and communications committee that helps with writing lyrics and market the nation. The editor who held office at the bottom is also secretary of the Public Relations Committee.

Head of PR

Is head of the PR committee and is responsible for the nation is seen and heard. This, for example by producing and disseminating posters or be active on social media.

Nation photographer

As a nation, photographer man with all parties, as gasques and dinners, and other activities that the nation organizes and perpetuates them using the camera. Along with the archivist looks photographer that everything is archived as it should be.

IT responsible

Is responsible for the nation's IT. The servers, network, website and so on.

Home & Cultural Committee Chairman

Historical Societies and Culture Committee Chairman is the Chairman of the H & K Board. Together with the committee responsible H & K-chairman of organizing cultural events, often linked to the local community, the nation's members. There is everything from theater and museum visits to gutamål days and movie nights.

Vice Home & Cultural Committee Chairman

As Vice H & K chair you sit in the H & K committeee but also to take charge of the nation's participation in the annual roof covering thing at Fårö ( small island north of Gotland). Then add fåröbor and other interested agtak while the nation is contributing to cook and serve food. A nice opportunity for nation members to meet during the summer vacation and experience the longtime culture.

Leader of Gutnish games

The foreman of Gutnish games responsible for the longtime cultural heritage should not be lost. For example, he is responsible for a championship in the pole crash which takes place the same day as lambskallegasquen. He is also responsible to bring together a pärklag competing in Stånga Games and organizes events related to the Gutnish sports tradition.

Foreman of sports

Sports supervisors are two in number. They are responsible for GNIFs (Gotland nation IF) operations. Above all, they tend to stay in some form of sporting activity on Sunday evenings. Sports supervisors represent the nation in sports Convention.

Foreman of theater

Theatre foreman leads the nation's theater and farce business. The main task has been the theater foreman organizing farce to the nation's formal dinners such gasques and vårbalen. Is interest can also be major events organized.

Foreman of freshers

The foremans of the freshers two in number. They are elected for two semesters at a time, but overlap. Whoever makes his second term as freshers foreman is chairman of freshers committee. Together with the committee responsible foreman of freshers for welcoming the new students. Welcoming in the form of freshers reception at the nation as well as activities like pub nights and game and game days

Electoral Board Chairman

Election committee chair is responsible for the election committee. Together with the committee looks election committee chairman to all offices and committee posts remain unfilled. So it is this man to contact if you are eager to become official in the nation.

Song Leader

Song leader leads the singing during the nation's more formal dining as gasques and spring ball. This also includes arranging a song booklet to every occasion.

Choir president

Has overall responsibility for the choir's activities and represent the nation in choir convention. Selected on the landscape after the choir's recommendations.

Head of sexas

Are two in number. Organizes sexas and other festivities throughout the semester.


Responsible for the technical stuff during live gigs, clubs and such.

The office

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Contact us

1Q - First curator

Johanna Bodén

The First Curator handles questions regarding membership, scholarships and the nation in general

018 - 130 981

2Q - Second curator

Ludwig Öström

The Second Curator handles salaries, questions regarding housing and the nation economy

018 - 158 222

3Q - Third curator

Julian Wide

The Third Curator is responsible for the pub, fika and rentals at the nation

018 - 127 458


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