Curators notice 2Q: Nadja Rose Li

Hello! My name is Nadja, and I am running for the position of second curator at Gotlands nation. When I moved to Uppsala (and Sweden) in 2017, I didn’t know anyone in town but within three days I was a member of Gotlands and within a month I had been elected as nation photographer, a position I then held for three years. The nation became my instant and natural second home, and with that I got a wonderful circle with instant friends who have made my time in Uppsala both incredibly fun and meaningful. I had thought that I would move away from Uppsala this fall to start my masters, but when I began to plan my move, I realised how much I would miss nation life and how much I regretted not becoming a curator. I decided therefore to defer my masters by a year and run for 2Q. 


The position of second curator doesn’t only interest me because I want to be more involved in nation life, but because it is a big challenge and I love to take on challenges. During this past year, I have been the president of the international committee (IK), a position I sought because it was a challenge, and I want to learn how to lead a group, manage more responsibility and improve my public speaking skills. In this role I built a website for the committee, rewrote our ‘arbetsordning,’ wrote a medal protocol, and have improved the inter-national cooperation as well as our cooperation with other organisations, such as the RK (recce konventet). I have learned much in this role, and now I am ready for a new challenge. 


I furthermore believe that the role as second curator would suit me because I am not afraid of having a full schedule, and actually prefer having a lot to do. HT19 I was studying at 225% while writing my thesis, and still had lots of time to enjoy my favourite things: reading books, watching films, and taking part in nation life (which I would probably say are my top three ways to relax as well, besides yoga, meditation, boxing and photography walks). 


This semester I completed my bachelor’s in linguistics, and prior to my studies I worked in neuroscience research in Seattle, where I lived with my family for ten years. I may not have an education in economics, but I am a fast learner, I am not afraid to ask questions, I’ve got a good memory and I am dedicated to Gotlands nation. This is a special place, where many people not only find a home but also find themselves. As second curator of the nation, I hope to protect that and with you, build a better future. 

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