Tefatsgasque with club until 04

Gotlands, Värmlands and Västgöta nations proudly presents:

Tefatsgasque with club until 04 at Gotlands nation

One part food, one part sports, one part cheating and maybe even one part snow!
What this decenniums first celebration of wintersports has to bid on, is yet unknown. Come with us and find out!

Price: 350kr / 320 kr.
Place: Gotlands nation
Släpp: 04-club with URBAN!
Dresscode: Suit
Signup with your nation's first curator: 1q@gotlandsnation.se, 1q@varmlandsnation.se, or 1q@vastgotanation.se latest on 9th of March.

The day in short:
11:30: We gather at our respective nation: Gotlands, Västgöta or Värmlands (go to the one that feels most like home)
12:00: Pre-ski with hot beverages at Västgöta nation (you pay for what you drink)
ca 13:00: Wintergames at Slottsbacken (We fight the other nations, bring sporty clothes)
14:00: After ski at Värmlands (you pay for what you eat and drink)
17dk: Gasque at Gotlands nation followed by 04-släpp with club URBAN

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Contact us

1Q - First curator

Mirjam Andersson

The First Curator handle questions regarding membership, scholarships and the nation in general

018 - 130 981

2Q - Second curator

Nadja Rose Li

The Second Curator handles salaries, questions regarding housing and the nation economy

018 - 158 222

3Q - Third curator

Oscar Silén

The Third Curator is responsible for the pub, fika and rentals at the nation

018 - 127 458


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