Mirjam Andersson

Mirjam Andersson


My name is Mirjam Andersson and I wish to have your trust as Gotland Nations first curator for the year 2020.

My first memory of Gotlands was a very dark night in November of 2011. My sister had sent me an invitation to the annual Lambskullgasque as gift for my 18th birthday. So with  a stomach filled with butterflies I packed a bag and stepped on the ferry in Visby to go all the way here to Uppsala. Upon my arrival I was met by the warmest, bubbliest and most welcoming group of people, members of Gotlands nation that was soon to become dear friends. After my first meeting with the nation, there was no more questions of where I wanted to go to University once I had graduated upper secondary school. My dream grew and I set up four goals of what I wanted to do with my time here as a student. First, I wanted to become a functionary at Gotlands nation. Second, I wanted to become a functionary at the student-union. Third, I wanted to go on exchange and fourth, I wanted to graduate as an engineer in chemistry. In that said order.

I found myself accepted to Uppsala University. So there I was, an early morning in august 2012 at the ferry terminal in Visby, moving from my parents’ home in Terra Nova, leaving my beloved home island of Gotland. With a packed bag and nervous out of my mind I found myself in Uppsala, lost and did not find my way to anything, not even my new housing. But what I did find was my way to Gotlands Nation, so on the day of my arrival I made my way here and signed up as a member. Well here I straight up got the question if I wanted to become a functionary and imagine my excitement! One semester as a weekend fikahost became into another. With time I became a banner carrier and member of multiple committees as well as working in many projects of the nation, whereas the one closest to my heart is when we were a group of friends arranging the “Tuesday pub” to increase the opening hours of the nation.

Along with further commitments at the nation I wanted to pursue my other goals, I became a functionary of Uppsala Union of science and engineering students. There I was part of arranging the welcoming of new students for three years as a helping recentior, buddy responsible and propp-teacher. I chose to get involved with the welcoming to be able to provide new students with as great of an introduction to Uppsala, to the city and to the university, just as I had been given before.

I pursued my third goal when I got accepted for an exchange where I for the year of 2016 went to Perth, Australia. Along with incredible memories and unexpected adventures I found myself entirely in love with teaching. With this newfound love I came back to Uppsala, decided to switch degree and pursue a new dream, to become a teacher in Chemistry and Mathematics for upper secondary school.

With the change of degree into teaching in autumn 2017 I realised I had a lot more time in Uppsala. I decided to merely focus on my studies for a while, but soon came to realise that it was not enough for me to only have the University. I wanted to come back and to get engaged again. Quickly I found myself back in the home- and culture committee running projects of choice, being back at the nation.

With my way back to right side of the river and rediscovering the Gotlands nation of today, I have realised more and more how big my love for this place is. My home away from home and the bubbly, warm and fantastic family of members that create the most fantastic atmosphere imaginable. To be back and to be back in full power would be fantastic, thrilling and feels entirely right! I find myself wanting to do even more and I find myself wanting to give back to the nation through an entire year of being your first curator. With the same love for involvement, with the same love for the nation and with the same energy for commitment as my first years in Uppsala, it would be the perfect time for even more responsibility. To spend a year here would truly be the dream come true.

I wish to have your trust and to make our members feel like one big family, to welcome them into the secureness of longlasting friendships and to provide for the best that Uppsala has to offer, Gotlands nation. I would work for all members to feel supported and confident to try out functionary posts and to run projects of their dreams. To represent the nation and thereby be able to open eyes for who we are and what we can provide for future members. I want to let others make their way here, find their home away from home and become a part of this crazy, loving and incredibly beautiful family.

Thank you for the time you have spent to read this piece and see you at the Landskap!

With the sincere hope of your trust and kind regards

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