Landskaps notice Application Third Curator 2021: Linnéa Johansson

My name is Linnéa Johansson and I am announcing today my candidacy for the Third Curator at Gotlands Nation.

Firstly I would like to thank you for reading my presentation. I firmly believe I’m the passionate, hardworking candidate you want as your Third Curator. My year as the Kitchen Master at Gotlands Nation has allowed me to blend my passions with work: experimenting with flavour combination and cooking food that makes people happy. I love potatoes, books and glitter. My favorite pastime is arts and crafts and I speak Spanish. If I were a fruit I would be a pomegranate, if I were a kitchen utensils I would be a skimmer. A friend described me as a solution oriented, always finding an ultimate solution to challenges whilst having fun. I am the aunt of three children who remind me that sparklers turn a porridge breakfast into a party and that the road to Gotland is fun when you play superheroes. Once upon a time I had travelled from my hometown Gävle to visit Uppsala. Walking on the bridge to the best side of the river to enjoy a very Swedish smörgåstårta-fika on the sunny balcony with the best view of Uppsala. If stars could speak they might have said that I would run for Third Curator 2021. During journeys around the globe I have learnt how beautiful the world is when traveling, bungee jumping is fun, tomato sauce caterpillars are not my favourite meal but helping a woman to give birth is the coolest thing. Moving to Uppsala reduced my geographical movement pattern to a triangle:  my home on Rackarberget, studies at Blåsenhus and Gotlands Nation. I discovered the world of the student nations is bigger than the city of Uppsala. My commitment flourished at two nations as a club worker, marshal, pub host, café host, karaoke host, member of various committees, head chef. Suddenly I found myself dressed up in a medieval linen dress, sweating like a pig, on a gasque at Gotlands Nation and at the mythical Lamb Skull Gasque trying to imagine the lamb skull as a yummy fried chicken drumstick. A year later I made home pasta Lady and the Tramp style to sixty guests at the Disney gasque. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen of Gotlands has ever since been a home for my heart and I have made friends and memories for life.  Prior to psychology studies and nation work I have five years work experience from the education sector as an art teaching art and the Head of Junior Club doing pedagogical, creative and administrative work such as planning activities, leading meetings, staff responsibilities, home/school communication. Kitchen work has taught me it takes two to tango and a team to throw the chaotic dance of a gasque rush. Hard, heavy and hot kitchen has developed my communication and organizational  skills crucial also for a Third Curator.  Working with the ambitious and competent current kuratel during the pandemic I have gained unique experiences of operating safe and sound activities following restrictions. If I am elected as Third Curator I will cherish the confidence of Landskapet by managing the hard work of previous generations of Third Curators. It would be extraordinarily exciting to take part as a Third Curator in the creative planning process of a sparkling anniversary year with glitter and gotlandic joy.

Thank you for your time reading my presentation,

I hope to see you at Landskapet!


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