Curators notice 1Q application: August Hermansson

Hi! My name is August Hermansson, and I’m running to be First Curator 2021!


On December 27th 2018 I happened to be in Uppsala, a city I was about to move to for my studies a few weeks later. I was walking around and decided to try to get to know the city. It was a challenge, to this day I know the names of less than a handful streets, and I am still attempting to familiarize myself with much of the city. I did get one thing out of that walk  though, which would come to change my life, a membership at Gotlands nation.

I happened to stumble upon the nation building, and since I’m from Gotland I figured I might as well look inside. The nation was of course closed - it was in the middle of the holidays - but by chance two of the curators were in the expedition. Despite the circumstances, they were very friendly and helped me sign in to the nation. That warm welcoming characterized my first couple of months at the nation. Thanks to all the amazing people I met it didn’t take long until I became active, first as a study fika host for a couple of weeks, then as a club worker for almost a year. I am currently a  sexamästare, which has allowed me to both plan events and to work closely with the different committees within the nation.

The nation hasn’t become my second home, but my first. In addition to the fact that I quite literarily live in the nation, I have my best friends and some of my best memories here.

The nation life has helped motivate me in my studies, first in economy, then in political science and now in statistics, and it has given me a better student life than I could ever have dreamed of. Still though, I feel like it has only just begun.

I feel certain that being a first curator would suit me. I have been on different boards since I was 14, and in leader positions since I was 16. I like to believe that I’m good at encouraging people to have a good time, while also managing the more serious role that is expected of a curator.

Were I to be given the trust of being a curator I would continue the amazing work that’s been done by my predecessors. I would do my best to make sure that the culture and the spirit of Gotland is present in the everyday work of the nation, while also ensuring that everyone feels welcome, regardless of where you’re from. 

I would be especially honored to be first curator during an anniversary year, during which I hope that the nations’ relation to its rich history and to the island of Gotland will emerge particularly clear.

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