Urtima Landskap 25/5 2020


Members of Gotland nation are hereby invited to the Urtima Landskap on monday, May 25th, 2020 at 18.00 by digital link, alternatively at the nation's banquet hall


On request the decision has been taken to hold a Urtima Landskap. You are warmly welcome to participate on Urtima Landskap on May the 25th at 18:00 (6pm). We allow participation digitally, through a digital zoom-link, alternatively if preferred in person at the nation’s banquet hall. To participate digitally, you will at the latest the day before the Landskap have given proof of valid nation’s membership and id-card to the first curator and then to get the link to the zoom-meeting. To take part in person, you will need to be in good time in advance and to show valid nation’s membership and id-card in person to the secretary. Spots at the Landskap will be spread out and limited in numbers.  Down below you find the preliminary agenda.


Do you want to participate digitally through the zoom-link, or do you have other questions? Contact 1q@gotlandsnation.se



Are you interested in becoming a functionary- or committee member? Please contact val@gotlandsnation.se


Preliminary Agenda


§1   Opening of the Landskap

§2   Setting the voting list

§3   Approval of the notice procedure

§4   Setting the agenda

§5   Election of a Secretary for the meeting

§6   Election of two adjusters.

§7   Approval of the landskap’s protocols

1      2018-12-04

2      2020-05-12

§8   Co-ops

§9   Messages from the Inspector

§10 Messages from the Nation’s Board

§11 Messages from the Curators

§12 Messages from the Housing Foundation

§13 Other messages

§14 New members

§15 Actively leaving members

§16 Budget autumn 20 – spring 21

§17 Increase of nations’ fee

§18 By-elections for the period autumn 20 - spring 21

1      One Second Curator

2      Two Accountants

3      Two Accountant assistants

4      One Examiner

5      One Secretary

6      One Head of the Freshers committee

7      One International secretary

8      One Head of the Home- and cultural committee

9      One Head of Sports

10   One IT-responsible

11   One Head of the PR-committee

12   One Editor

13   One Banner Carrier

14   Three members of the Election committee

15   Two Substitute members of the Election committee

16   Atleast four members of the Home- and cultural committee

17   Atleast two members of the PR-committee

18   One head of the choir

§19 By-elections for the period of autumn 20

1      Five Club workers

2      Five Weekend fika hosts

3      Eight Study fika hosts

§20 By-elections for the period of 2020

1      One Head of Sexas

2      One Head of the Freshers’ committee

3      One Editor

4      One Head of Sports

5      One Vice Head of the Home- and Cultural committee

6      Atleast three members of the Library committee

§21 Review of Functionaries

§22 Other questions

§23 Open floor                                     

§24 Closing of the Landskap


- 1Q Mirjam Andersson

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1Q - First curator

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2Q - Second curator

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3Q - Third curator

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